How to Find the Right Catering Service

stampede catering solutionsWhether you have a personal event, a business event, or a type of festival which you celebrate, having the right catering services is necessary.  If you have visitors or guests who are coming, the easiest way to satisfy them is through a good catering business that can serve excruciatingly delicious meals that will keep then talking about it.  This is often the reason why knowing a highly reputable and experienced catering service is essential as they are the ones you can contact whenever you need someone to provide catering service for your event or function.

There are many catering services all over Alberta and each has their own particular strengths when it comes to providing catering services.  If you need to hire a catering service, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind:

Budget – it is very important to determine how much your budget is for the particular event or function you will be hosting.  You have to discuss this budget with your caterer before you proceed into hiring their services.  Of course, along with budget, the caterer needs to know how much people this budget of your will be served to.  Your budget will only be as good as the number of people it serves.  Even if your budget seems big, if the number of guests that needs to be served is also big, then simply put, your overall budget per guest goes down.

Food – prior to picking the catering service, you need to determine what type of food you want to serve your guests.  Some catering services excel in particular types of dishes.  It is crucial that the dishes you will have served compliment the tastes of your guests.  Make it a point to also have other options as you may have guests that are purely vegan in diet.

Theme – some catering services provide theme based services with which they have the table, chairs, and linen decorated with the theme of your preference.  This is very desirable when there is a particular color theme you want for the event.

Stampede catering provides the best catering services in all of Alberta and if you need a catering service and food that you guests will surely appreciate, you need to go to with one of the most reliable catering services there.

The Lost Art of the Dinner Party

The Lost Art of the Dinner Party

When was the last time you went to a dinner party? Chances are, it has been a while. Thinking back on fond memories with friends and family, some of the best times have been in the comfort of someones’ home, tucking into delicious food and engaging in interesting conversations. There’s something about the comfort of being in a home environment that makes people feel more relaxed and comfortable – more so than being in a restaurant.

So why don’t people host dinner parties more often? There are many excuses why dinner parties aren’t more common – the primary reason most people cite is lack of time (either actual or perceived).

To do it right, the planning of a dinner party can seem daunting. You only have to have a look at some ‘how-to’ guides on the internet which detail preparation extending back weeks in advance. Kudos to those who can exact the time and attention that would normally be reserved for military operations.

But what about people like you and I who would really just like to connect with friends in their home, make their guests feel welcome and feed them well?

Here are some tips to host a great dinner party:

– Consider realistically how many people can fit comfortably in your home. While collapsible plastic lawn chairs do work in a pinch, it’s not ideal seating for someone to spend an evening in.

– Choose your menu ahead of time to suit your guests. Any specific preferences or dietary restrictions? Many of our menu items work extremely well in larger portions for dinner parties, contact our staff and together we can come up with just the right menu for you and your guests.

– The day of the party, set the table ahead of time.

– Give yourself time to get ready – you don’t want to still be ironing your clothes when guests arrive.

– Have drinks and hors d’oeuvres ready when your guests arrive.

– Make sure you have extra hangers and/or space for your guests coats and personal items.

– As the party comes to a close, be ready to serve tea and coffee and have some taxi numbers handy for your guests who seek alternative ways to get home.

Above all, relax, have fun and be merry! As the host, you set the tone for the evening.